Resultime Micro Dermabrasion Scrub 50ml

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  • Formulated with microparticles of Rose Quartz, Bamboo Powder, Vitamin E and Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Helps rid the epidermis of dead cells that dull the complexion
  • Gives you a re-surfacing and smoothing action
  • Uses a dual technology to create an immediate “new skin” effect and remarkable radiance.


Resultime Micro Dermabrasion Scrub is a smoothing scrub for the face based of Quartz and Vitamin E.
Main Ingredients & Benefits of Resultime Micro Dermabrasion Scrub :
This exfoliating scrub uses a dual technology to create an immediate “new skin” effect and remarkable radiance:
Inspired by the microdermabrasion mode of action, this facial scrub uses Pink Quartz micro-crystals to free the epidermis from dead skin cells, which are making the complexion appear dull.
It provides a resurfacing and also smoothing effect thanks to the action of an exfoliating enzyme.
Its cream formula enriched with vitamin E leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable.
It is enriched with Vitamin C.  Resultime uses two forms of vitamin C:

– Vitamin C grafted to a sugar to unify and brighten the complexion of tired skin.
– Superactivated Vitamin C (combined with a Neuro-Active Anti-stain), to act on the spots and thus helps to fight the pigmentation defects.

Also rich in vitamin E. Resultime has selected vitamin E to combat premature aging related to oxidative stress, and leave the skin comfortable after the exfoliation.

How to use :

Once or twice per week, apply the scrub on the face with the fingertips by circular movements on the face lightly damp, by avoiding the eyes contour. Then rinse gently and tone. Suitable for all skins types.

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