Dermatonics Ultra-Cool Foot Gel 60ml

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  • Rapidly refreshes hot, tired and tingling feet – and effectively reduces foot odor.
  • Contains Chestnut, Arnica, Peppermint and New Zealand Manuka Honey.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and people with diabetes.
  • Contains a refreshing blast of mint for restoring hot or heavy feeling feet and legs.
  • Results in one day.


Dermatonics Ultra-Cool Foot Gel features a trio of peppermint, chestnut, and arnica to quickly cool feet and remove foot odor. Pamper yourself after a long day on your feet with this Ultra cool gel.

This gel is compact enough to leave in your gym bag or to take with you on your summer getaway. This product indeed quickly absorbs into the skin to provide cooling relief.

Dermatonics Ultra-Cool Foot Gel contains chestnut, arnica, peppermint and New Zealand Manuka Honey – to rapidly refresh hot, tired and tingling feet, and effectively reduce foot odor.  It is suitable for people with diabetes, and is also vegetarian-friendly.

How to use :

Apply the gel liberally to affected areas and then massage gently into skin. Repeat application three to four times daily as needed.

For best results store in a refrigerator but equally it can be stored in a cool dry place. To avoid stinging, ensure you do not apply on to any open or broken skin. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Replace cap after use. Do not use on the face or other sensitive areas. Do not apply at the same time as other topical products. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs.

Consult your medical practitioner before using on children under 6 years old, or if you have diabetes. For external use only.

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