Bath Time & Skin Care

Avène Cold Cream Cream 100ml

Cold Cream for very dry sensitive skin 

USD 34.16(-) USD 30.74

Avène XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Balm -200ml-

Severe dryness balm  

USD 34.5(-) USD 31

Avène XeraCalm Lipid-Replenishing Cream -200ml-

Cutaneous dryness treatment 

USD 34.41(-) USD 30.97

Bioderma ABC Derm H2O Micelle Solution Ultra-Mild Cleanser 1L

Babies cleanser 

USD 29.73(-) USD 26.76

Bioderma ABCDerm Intensive Change Water Paste 75g

Water Paste for Diaper Rash 

USD 22.87(-) USD 20.58

Biolane Pure H2O Cleanser and Moisturizer -400ml-

Baby cleanser 

USD 15.44(-) USD 13.9

Cam Baby Bagno

Bath tub 

USD 51.33(-) USD 44

Cam Baby Bath Universal Stand

Bath stand 

USD 60.66(-) USD 55

Chicco Baby Moments No Tears Bath Foam 0M+ -200ml-

Bubble bath 

USD 7.66(-) USD 6.9

Chicco Baby Moments No Tears Shampoo 0M+ -200ml-

Baby shampoo 

USD 8.66(-) USD 7.8

Chicco Baby Moments Soap 0M+ -100g-

Baby soap 

 USD 4

Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ -100ml-

Baby perfume 

USD 17.33(-) USD 15.6

Chicco No-Tears Bath Shampoo 0m+ -200ml-

Baby bath and shampoo 

USD 9(-) USD 8.1

Chicco Sea Sponge 0m+

Baby sponge 

USD 14(-) USD 12.6

Coslys Bébé Bioliniment Nettoyant Protecteur A l'abricot Bio -250ml-

Baby's cleaner special seat protector  

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Coslys Bébé Cosmousse Mousse Lavante 2 in1 A l'abricot Bio -150ml-

Baby's Cleansing Foam  

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Coslys Bébé Crème Hydratante Visage et Corps A l'abricot Bio -75ml-

Baby's hydrating cream 

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Coslys Bébé Eau Nettoyante Rafraîchissante A l'abricot Bio -250ml-

Baby's cleansing water 

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Coslys Bébé Gel Lavant Corps & Cheveux A l'abricot Bio -250ml-

Baby's Cleansing gel 

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Coslys Bébé Lait de Toilette Nettoyant sans rinçage A l'abricot Bio -250ml-

Baby's Cleansing Milk 

USD 6.66(-) USD 6.32

Durex Warming Pleasure 12 condoms

Ribbed and dotted condoms with warming... 

 USD 18.2

Galénic Pur 2 in 1 Milky Lotion 200ml

Cleanser and make-up remover 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Galénic Pur Gentle Micellar Water 200ml

Cleanser and make-up remover 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Go Travel Kids Hooded Body Towel

Baby towel 

USD 25(-) USD 22.5

Happi Tummi Colic & Gas Relief Waistband - Pink

Relieving Waistband 

USD 33(-) USD 29.7

HiPP Baby Care Oil Sensitive From Natural Oil -200ml-

Baby Oil 

USD 14.66(-) USD 13.2

HiPP Baby Gentle Milk Lotion Sensitive For Normal Skin -350ml-

Baby Lotion 

USD 20.83(-) USD 18.75

HiPP Baby Shampoo Sensitive -200ml-

Baby shampoo 

USD 9.83(-) USD 8.85

HiPP Baby Washing Gel Sensitive For Skin & Hair -400ml-

Baby cleanser for hair & skin 

USD 21(-) USD 18.9

Humana Baby Alcohol-Free Cologne -150ml-

Baby cologne 

USD 11.83(-) USD 10.65

Humana Baby Baby Derma Cream -50ml-

Baby's skin moisturizer 

USD 24.66(-) USD 22.2

Humana Baby Baby Soap -100gr-

Baby soap 

USD 5.5(-) USD 4.95

Humana Baby Face Cream -50ml-

Baby face care 

USD 10(-) USD 9

Humana Baby Nourishing Oil -150ml-

Baby Oil 

USD 11.33(-) USD 10.2

Humana Baby Shower Gel & Shampoo No-Tears -250ml-

Baby shampoo & cleanser 

USD 14.33(-) USD 12.9

Humana Baby Ultra Delicate Bath Foam -1000ml-

Baby bath foam 

USD 29.16(-) USD 26.25
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