SVR Densitium BI-Serum Anti-Gravity Serum 30ml

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Anti-gravity bi-serum for intense nutrition and density. Indicated for mature skin. Contains hyaluronic acid + Bio-Calcium. Acts on double chin. Paraben-free. Silicon-free. Non-comedogenic.

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SVR Densitium BI-Serum Anti-Gravity Serum comprises a double formula: a water-gel serum and a nourishing phase that reduce both wrinkles and sagging while providing nutrition as well as radiance to the skin. Moreover ,it is an anti-ageing care for the mature skins. It is used if your skin is less tight, losing either its density, volume, or wrinkles are setting in. SVR BI-Serum is suitable to all skin types ,including sensitive skin.

In addition, SVR Anti-Gravity BI-Serum is more powerful than a simple serum. This double formula has a record concentration of anti-ageing dermatological active ingredients.

-Hyaluronic acid that redensifies and moisturizes the skin
-Bio-calcium that restructures the epidermis
-Majestem and Pulpactyl that are an anti-gravity complex
-4 restructuring oils (Roucou, Borage, Onagre and Argan) which redensify and restore volume to the face
-10% Squalene and Viamerine that provide hydration
-Stoechiol which is an anti-wrinkles complexa

How to use?
Apply SVR Densitium BI-Serum Anti-Gravity Serum at both mornings and evenings. Warm the product between your hands, then apply on the face and neck, working upwards.

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