Lakme Teknia Ultra Red Shampoo 300ml

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  • Makes up for the loss of dyes.
  • The color recovers its shine and the richness of its highlights.
  • Hair regains its softness.
  • Vegan formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Mineral oil-free
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Lakme Teknia Ultra Red Shampoo is a color refreshing shampoo for reddish and mahogany colored hair by compensating color loss, recovering shine and regaining softness. It has conditioner and protective effect. It is a magical shampoo that is formulated with extract of coralline, an algea with a high calcium content and good hydration properties. Coralline prevents the loss of color, intensifies the color and also supplies needed nutrients to achieve soft hair.

Suitable for use after your hair color has washed out. Surely perfect for maintaining red hair in between salon visits.

This shampoo should definitely be your frequent-use shampoo since you want to prevent any fading of your red color. For someone who colors their hair red, this shampoo is indeed a great tool to maintain the vibrancy and shine without having to do frequent visits to the salon.

Benefits of Lakme Teknia Ultra Red Shampoo :

  • Creates a protective film.
  • Conditioner and protective effect.
  • Extra soft, easy-to-comb hair. Protects the scalp.
  • Provides color.
  • Hair recovers the richness of its color and also its highlights.

Main Ingredients :

-WAA™: Natural wheat amino acids that act from the inside of the hair fiber. Complex with high moisturizing power, amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber restoring optimum moisture levels. Hence, hair recovers its equilibrium and the shine, softness and flexibility of healthy hair are back.

-Organic red algae from the Baltic sea.

-Cationic polymer derived from plants. Cationic dyes.

How to use :

Apply to wet hair. Lather then rinse thoroughly.

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