ISIS Pharma Unitone 4 White Advanced Hyperpigmentation -15ml-

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Intensive depigmenting serum

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Unitone 4 White Advanced is especially formulated for a night application.
Concentrated Active Complex fights against overproduction of melanin.
Glycolic Acid exfoliates gently the preformed melanin from the skin’s surface.
Ascorbic acid enhances skin radiance, it reveals and renews a luminous skin.
Hydroquinone 4%


  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Intensive depigmenting serum


  • Reduces excessive production of melanin which is responsible for pigmentation spots.
  • Nightly Care
  • Whitening, exfoliating & Antioxidant.


Apply once a day, only at night on the areas to be treated. Best to use sunscreen in the morning.
Do not use during day-time.

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