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Atopic skin bath gel

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ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Bath Gel gently cleanses, preventing itchiness and irritation usually associated with atopic skin. It hydrates the skin due to the high content of emollient oils in the formulation and it maintains the skin’s pH balance which helps to keep the skin barrier function healthy and to reduce atopic flare-ups. This formulation is for all skin types including sensitive skin and can be used by babies, children and adults.
Soap-free. Does not contain perfume or colourants. Preservative-free. Fragrance-free. Paediatric and Dermatologist tested on atopic skin. Hypoallergenic.

-Helps reinforce the natural immune system that defends skin.
-Gently cleanses, preventing itchiness and irritation associated with atopic skin hygiene
-Moisturizes thanks to its high content in emollient oils.
-Inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion thanks to its formulation with Rhamnosoft.
-Maintains the right pH of the skin, a key factor in preventing new outbreaks.

For daily use in the bath or shower, with no irritation or itchiness. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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