Durex Mutual Pleasure 3 Condoms

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  • Ribbed and Dotted to for intense pleasure.
  • Special lubricant to help last longer. Containing benzocaine 5%.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 100% electronically tested.
  • Nominal width 56mm.
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Durex Mutual Pleasure are ribbed and dotted condoms designed to speed up her pleasure, while slowing him down. This helps you to bring you and your partner together. So you can move towards a mutual climax that will blow your mind.

These condoms are perfect for him and her as they help to synchronize your pleasure. The ribs and dots on the condoms help to speed up her climax, while the performa lube helps to slow him down for a longer-lasting experience. This helps you both to get the most out of your most intimate moments, while helping you to feel more connected to each other than ever.

Durex Mutual Pleasure come pre-lubricated with Durex’s Performa lubricant. This lubricant is what helps to slow him down for performance that lasts. However, you can use Durex lubes with these condoms to add extra sensation and smoothness.

  • Use a new condom for each act of sex.
  • Tear open the package carefully. Do not use fingernails, teeth, or anything that can damage the condom.

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