Dioclear+ Oral Treatment Of Acute, Chronic Diarrhoea 10×3.25g Sachets

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Medical device containing Diosmectite, natural clay

Treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea

Powder in Sachets

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Dioclear is a new treatment for diarrhoea that is suitable for adults, children and babies from the age of 1 year. It contains a natural clay called Diosmectite which absorbs water and binds diarhhoea causing substances. Moreover, Dioclear helps reduce the duration and frequency of acute diarrhoea.


Babies older than 1 year old: Use 1-2 sachets each day
Children older than 6 years old: Use 2-3 sachets per day
Adults: Use 1 sachet three times daily. Dissolve the contents of a sachet in water or another liquid, like juice (about 50ml). You can also suspend the contents in a baby bottle in 50ml of water. Be sure to pour slowly into the liquid and mix well before use. For best use, take Dioclear between meals.


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