Dead Sea Treasures Hand Cream 75ml

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Hand cream


Dead Sea Treasures Hand Cream for all skin types is especially enriched with Dead Sea Treasures Mineral Skin Rejuvenator; a concentration of Dead Sea Minerals and Salts from Dead Sea to nourish your skin and a rapid absorption of the great jojoba oil formula. Made carefully to provide your hands with distinct velvety and smoothness. It nourishes and protects your hands against dryness, cracking and daily damage. With this Hand Cream you will experience the instant boost to your skin’s moisture level and bring back velvety and smoothness to them.

-For all skin types.
-Suitable for use anytime.
-Amazing smoothing and softening effect for cracked and damaged skin.
-Great neutral scent, suitable for all family members.

Apply a suitable amount of Dead Sea Treasures Hand Cream to clean dry hands, massage gently until fully absorbed. Use as needed

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